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81mm M252A1

The M252A1 is a lightweight 81mm mortars system that is thirteen percent (13%) lighter in weight while at the same time maintaining the same range, rates of fire and barrel life as the legacy M252 mortar weapon system.

General Information

Tech Manuals TM 9-1015-257-10, TM 9-1015-257-23&P
Field Manuals FM 23-90, FM 23-91, FM 7-9
NSN 1015-01-586-2135

Physical Characteristics

M252A1 in Firing Position 74.9 lbs
81mm Cannon 31 lbs
M177A1 Bipod 18 lbs
M3A1 Lightweight Baseplate 23 lbs
M67 Sight Unit 2.9 lbs
Elevation Minimum 800 mils, Maximum 1515 mils.
Range Minimum 83 meters, Maximum 5844 meters


81mm Ammunition for M252A1

M224A1 ammo