M777A2 (LW155) 155mm Howitzer

Deployable, mobile, lethal, and survivable

General Information:

  • Joint, ACAT II, USMC/Army Program
  • Direct support, general support, reinforcing, or general support reinforcing artillery system replacing the M198 155mm Medium Towed Howitzer.
  • The Digital Fire Control System (DFCS) integration enables faster emplacement, displacement, and improved accuracy via Precision Guided Munitions.

Strategically Transported:

  • Towed by the USMC MTVR and Army FMTV and M939 Series trucks
  • Loaded and secured aboard C-141 aircraft or naval amphibious shipping and landing such as LCM-8
  • Two M777A2 Howitzers are transportable in a single C-130 aircraft
  • Externally slung below medium lift helicopters to include CH-47D, CH-53D, CH-53E and the MV-22


  • Weight: <10,000 lbs
  • Maximum Elevation: +1275 mils
  • Minimum Elevation: -43 mils
  • Traversing Range: 800 mils, (400 mils left and 400 mils right of center)

FMS/International Partners:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • India


  • M777 – base howitzer with Optical Fire Control sighting system
  • M777A1 – Digital Fire Control upgrades with the addition of an on-board computer, power source, satellite Global Positioning System, inertial navigation, radio, Gunner’s Display and Chief of Section Display (CSD)
  • M777A2 – Block 1A software upgrade. Addition of an Enhanced Portable Inductive Artillery Fuze Setter (EPIAFS) to enable Excalibur and precision munition compatibility

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