PM MAS Organizations

PdM Small Caliber Ammunition

Product Manager Small Caliber Ammunition (PdM SCA) is responsible for life cycle management, to include research, development, product improvement, production, fielding, testing and sustainment, for direct fire small caliber ammunition (.22 cal, .30 cal, shotgun, 9mm, .45 cal, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, .50 cal), and specialty items, e.g. for dismounted Joint Warfighters, Army aviation and ground combat systems, Navy ship and aviation platforms, and Air Force and SOCOM aviation platforms. Army platforms supported include the dismounted Infantry Soldier, Abrams tank, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, Stryker vehicles, other ground vehicle systems and the Apache and Blackhawk Helicopters.

PdM SCA also manages the same, or similar, item procurements for the Navy, Marines, Air Force, SOCOM and other government agencies under the Single Manager for Conventional Ammunition (SMCA) mission. PdM SCA shapes the organic and commercial industrial base for small caliber ammunition in response to changing requirements. PdM SCA manages the modernization of the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP), while simultaneously maintaining production.

PdM SCA is responsible for executing the Army’s small caliber ammunition product improvement and Research & Development (R&D) programs to improve performance, increase manufacturing efficiencies and reduce environmental impacts by eliminating hazardous materials in existing ammunition. The effort to reduce hazardous materials ensures longevity of Army ranges and eliminating potential hazards to the Warfighter without compromising lethality or training. Initial fielding of the improved general purpose 5.56mm M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round (EPR) was accomplished in July 2010 followed up by the 7.62mm M80A1 EPR in September 2014. The Army’s small caliber ammunition R&D investments will continue to grow with improvements in armor penetration, reduction in battlefield signature, introduction of lightweight materials and implementation of lead alternatives.