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The Product Manager for Precision Attack Cannon Munitions(PACM) is responsible for delivering 155mm artillery projectiles that are coordinate seeking, have sensor fuzing and target sensing capabilities. This portfolio includes the Excalibur GPS precision guided projectile that is currently in production, the Bonus sensor fuzed submunition projectile in production, the XM1208 area soft target cargo projectile in qualification, and the Cannon-Delivered Area Effects Munition-Armor which is currently under development to defeat moved and moving heavy armored targets in a GPS denied environment. PACM products provide overmatch capability to the US Army, Marine Corps and Foreign Military Sales customers that ensures rapid and efficient enemy target destruction with minimal danger to friendly forces and civilians.


Precision Attack Cannon Munitions welcomes new Product Manager

The PACM family would like to formally welcome LTC Brian J. Adkins as our new Product Manager. Pictured is LTC Adkins during his official Change of Charter Ceremony on 1 July 2021.


Firing Data Report (FDR)

To obtain an electronic copy of the Excalibur Firing Data Report, please email your request. Please include your name, rank, and unit along with the request for the Firing Data Report.

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