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BONUS Mk2 155mm Projectile
Bonus Mk 2 projectile is a 155 millimeter artillery-launched, fire-and-forget projectile capable of successfully combating armored targets. Bonus Mk 2 projectile is compatible with many existing artillery gun systems and is handled just like a conventional shell. The Bonus Mk 2 projectile contains two sensor-fuzed submunitions with Laser Radar (LADAR) and Infra-Red (IR) sensors to detect armored vehicles. Once the submunitions are deployed, each submunition independently seeks, tracks and strikes target.

The US Government has a directed requirement to field Bonus Mk 2 projectiles. Providing the field artillery with an anti-armor capability, their first since the demise of the 155mm Sense and Destroy Armor (SADARM) program, was a daunting task and required a thorough analysis of supportability, training, and inclusion of the Fires Center of Excellence to ensure a total package approach was completed. The projectiles are being procured through the NATO Support Procurement Agency (NSPA) which has a contract in place with BAE Bofors in Sweden. Bonus Mk 2 is employed by the US Army’s fleet of M109 Self-propelled howitzers and M777 lightweight towed howitzers.