Mission & Vision

The Joint Program Executive Office Armaments & Ammunition (JPEO A&A), formerly known as the Program Executive Office Ammunition (PEO Ammo), is committed to providing superior armaments and ammunition to the Soldier. The JPEO is responsible for life-cycle acquisition management of all conventional ammunition, which includes integrating budgets, acquisition strategies, R&D and life-cycle management across all ammunition families.

JPEO A&A is located at Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey and is comprised of four Project Management (PM) offices; PM Close Combat Systems, PM Combat Ammunition Systems, PM Maneuver Ammunition Systems, PM Towed Artillery Systems, two Project Director (PD) offices PD Joint Services and PD Joint Bombs, and Director of Integration.


Develop, procure and field lethal armaments and ammunition providing Joint Warfighters and Allied Partners overmatch capabilities.


Innovative and empowered Teams rapidly fielding dominating capabilities.


  • Develop and Field Overmatch Capabilities to Warfighters
  • Develop Agile People, Teams and Acquisition Leaders
  • Innovate and Operate Effectively and Efficiently
  • Modernize and Maintain Viable Strategic Capabilities to Ensure Current and Future Readiness
  • Strengthen Alliances and Establish New Partners


If you have information that may be of interest to U.S. Army Counterintelligence, please submit an iSALUTE Suspicious Activity Report.

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