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Warfighter Ammunition Information Program (WAIP)

WAIP was created to address circumstances where users are not aware of specific ammunition capabilities and characteristics of Fielded ammunition, Conventional ammunition used in unconventional ways, and Future emerging ammunition.


To assist the PM with ammunition life-cycle support functions by providing fact-based information through economical distribution channels that address the Army’s critical ammunition information shortages.

Critical Roles

  • Provides deploying Warfighters with relevant performance information on 222 different Direct Fire ammunition products
  • Provide Ammunition Handlers and Managers with latest safety alerts and information available from Product Managers
  • Provide Leaders and Warfighters with Tools and Information
  • Provides PEO/PM-MAS with an information distribution/collection channel
  • Assists the PM with critical life cycle support function
  • Serves as an ad-hoc fielding team for new ammunition products
  • Assist with Tradeshow support

Need Information?

If you require additional information on ammunition capabilities or characteristics, or would like more information about the WAIP program, please contact us.

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