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The Project Lead for Tactical Artillery Systems (PL TAS) is a joint Army/MARSYSCOM program office. PL TAS provides direct, reinforcing, and general support towed artillery fires to maneuver forces including Stryker and Infantry Brigade Combat Teams, field artillery brigades, Army light forces and all Marine Corps units. Our portfolio also includes survey systems for the Army and MARSYSCOM and all legacy towed howitzers in the Army’s inventory. Foreign Military Sales (FMS) are vital to our portfolio, supporting multiple allies.
PL TAS executes its mission as the Program Manager and total life cycle system manager of artillery systems in the following categories:

  • Towed Howitzers: M777A2, M119A2/A3, M198
  • Howitzer Digitization: M777 and M119 Digital Fire Control Systems (DFCS)
  • Gun Laying/Surveying: M111A1 (IPADS-G), M67 (GLPS)
  • Non-Standard Howitzers: D-30

The PL TAS Product Support Manager (PSM) manages and coordinates sustainment activities for all of the products in the portfolio. In this role, PL TAS interacts with U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) and the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) to develop sustainment strategies for each platform and leverages the strengths of product support integrators and providers to achieve availability and readiness requirements. PL TAS also has strategic partnerships with MARSYSCOM Logistics Command (LOGCOM) and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to ensure continued readiness is maintained for both services. PL TAS provides engineering services sustainment support to the Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) and the MCLB Barstow Depot in the support of overhaul and reset activities at those facilities. As the design authority for portfolio items, PL TAS manages all modernization activities, including obsolescence and refresh of electronic components. For both the M777A2 and M119A3, ARDEC’s CMMI level 5 software lab provides legacy software support and develops new software to meet joint operational requirements. PL TAS provides modernization for all systems through robust Retrofit and Training Teams that ensure all approved changes are provided to the Warfighter as soon as available. These teams are made up of PL TAS, DEVCOM, and TACOM personnel, working together to provide the Warfighter the best product to support the Army and MARSYSCOM worldwide.

1994: Program Management Office LW155 (PMO LW155) established @ Picatinny by the Marine Corps under SYSCOM as an ACAT II Navy program chartered to develop and field the M777A2 howitzer
1995: MOA between Marine Corps and Army defines terms for a joint program
2004: Portfolio increased: M119 howitzer, M198 howitzer, IPADS and GLPS
2010: JPMO LW155 transferred from PEO-GCS (Warren, MI) to PEO Ammo. Renamed Towed Artillery Systems (PM TAS)
2010: Portfolio increased: D-30 howitzer

PL TAS works jointly with PEO Land Systems

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