JPEO A&A Staff

Joint Program Executive Officer

Major General John T. Reim is the Joint Program Executive Officer for JPEO A&A.
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Deputy Joint Program Executive Officer

Dr. Theresa Smith, DML is the Deputy Joint Program Executive Officer for JPEO A&A.
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Chief of Staff

Mr. Benjamin Harris is the Chief of Staff for JPEO A&A.
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Assistant Program Executive Officer International

Mr. Thomas Coradeschi is the APEO International for JPEO A&A.
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G1 Human Resources
The JPEO A&A Human Resources is responsible for integrating the human resources management process for the PEO community, serving as the liaison and principal point of contact between JPEO A&A and servicing CPACS, Legal, EEO, etc..., maintaining the Military Acquisition Position List (MAPL) and all matters pertaining to the Army Acquisition Workforce, providing a full range of human relation advisory services for Management, Supervisors and employees, and managing the Acquisition Demo project for the JPEO/DJPEO and subordinate PM's.

G2 Security & International

The Director of Security and International Programs is responsible maintaining the security integrity of JPEO A&A programs and operations. This office manages security disciplines in information, personnel, physical, industrial, communication, operations, program protection, foreign disclosure, and international technology transfer.

G3 Security Acquisition and Systems Management

The Acquisition and Systems Management Office serves as liaison between the Project Managers Offices and the Joint Program Executive Office for Armaments & Ammunition. The Acquisition and Systems Management Office is responsible for developing JPEO A&A strategic planning on insensitive munitions, acquisition guidance for milestone decision packages and engineer support of production policy. We interface with HQ G3 on the munitions requirements distribution and planning functions, synchronization and execution reviews, as well as critical munitions updates to AMC.  The G3 is responsible for all tasker operations and suspense coordination with the PMs, document routing for staffing documents for signature, and all public affairs and protocol functions including command ceremony coordination, VIP visits and command communication.

G4 Logistics

The G4 Office is responsible for establishing and overseeing the logistics policies of JPEO A&A. The objective is to assure efficient and effective lifecycle logistics policies and procedures are created, implemented and executed. The office interprets DA & DoD policies with respect to Class V lifecycle logistics processes and procedures to assess their impact and assure they represent the best interests of the Warfighter, Class V community and taxpayer. The ultimate objective is assuring timely, accurate, efficient delivery of ammo in the proper condition and quantity to support and sustain the Warfighter.

G6 Chief Information Officer

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) provides support and guidance on cybersecurity and information technology including the Risk Management Framework (RMF) Process, Army Interoperability Certification (AIC) & Self Determination, Federal Information System Management Act (FISMA), and Information Technology Approval System (ITAS); serves as the liaison between JPEO A&A and Army CIO, Army DCS G6, NETCOM, ARCYBER, and DISA; and represents the JPEO on the ASA(ALT)/PEO CIO Council, Army CIO Executive Board (EB), ASA(ALT) Cyber Resilience Community of Practice (CoP), Army and ASA(ALT) Program Information System Security Manager (PISSM) IPTs, and the Common Operating Environment (COE) Technical Advisory Board (TAB).

G8 Business Management

The JPEO A&A Business Directorate is responsible for the management of financial execution, budget processes, audit & accounting interface, cost analysis, contracting & acquisition strategies, and business automation.


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