M119A3 Howitzer (105mm)

Continuous close fire to the Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (IBCTs)

General Information

  • Range of 19.5 km with rocket assisted munitions (14 km unassisted)
  • Fielded US munitions and has a rate of fire of six (6) rounds per minute
  • Fielded as two six-gun batteries for each M119A3 battalion
  • Digital Fire Control System (DFCS) to increase capabilities
  • Upgraded fixed recoil and Suspension Lock Out System (SLOS) can fire top charge at all angles
  • USA made cannon and breach


  • Air Assault/Airborne Drop Capable
  • Approved Air Mobility: UH-60 Blackhawk, CH-47 Chinook, C-130, C-17 and C-5 Cargo Planes
  • Approved Prime Movers: HMMWV, 2.5 ton and 5 ton trucks.


  • Weight: 4,700 pounds

FMS/International Partners

  • Kenya
  • Iraq


  • Acquired in 1986 as a Non-Developmental Item from Royal Ordnance of the United Kingdom
  • U.S. fire control and a low temperature-capable recuperator were implemented to the M119A1 in 1991
  • The Light Artillery System Improvement Program resulted in a number of improvements to enhance the ease of operation and maintenance of the weapon system (M119A2)
  • Type Classification of M119A3 Lightweight Howitzer in December 2012

Other On-Going Modernization Efforts

  • Titanium Firing Platform
  • SW v3.0.0
  • Software Defined Radio (FY 23)

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