PM CAS Organizations


PdM Guided Precision Munitions and Mortar Systems (GPM2S) is now:
PdM Precision Fires & Mortars (PFM)
The Product Manager for Precision Fires and Mortars (PdM PFM) is the life cycle manager responsible for guided munition improvements for tube launched weapons (mortars and artillery), mortar weapons, and mortar fire control systems. Mortar weapons include the 60mm, 81mm and 120mm systems and related equipment. Fire control systems include hand-held devices, vehicle mounted and dismounted systems used to perform tactical and technical fire control for IBCTs, ABCTs, and SBCTs within the digital fire support system.

Looking for Technical Manuals?


View/download the latest authenticated Mortars Tech Manuals (TM ): Visit the LDAC, Logistics Data Analysis Center (Formerly LOGSA),Web Site. Once you have logged on you can look up the TM by any of the following choices: TM #/ Title/National Stock Number (NSN)/Line Identification Number (LIN).