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Lightweight Handheld Mortar Ballistic Computer (LHMBC)

The M32A1 Lightweight Handheld Mortar Ballistic Computer (LHMBC) is a compact, portable, and intuitive fire control solution for U.S. 60mm, 81mm, and 120mm dismounted mortar systems. It can also be used as a backup device for the Mortar Fire Control System (MFCS) in Mortar Carrier and Stryker operations.

The LHMBC replaces the M23 Mortar Ballistic Computer, which is being phased out of Army inventory. The LHMBC provides a weight reduction of 50% and a volume reduction of 64% over its predecessor while providing improved capability, speed, and accuracy. The LHMBC provides a robust, easy to use fire control system, on a platform which is upgradable and adaptable to ever evolving mission requirements.

The LHMBC is comprised of a Ruggedized Personal Digital Assistant (R-PDA) computer with an integrated tactical modem (TacLink) and Global Positioning System (GPS) capability tied together by fire control software developed in-house by DEVCOM-AC at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. The TacLink modem enables the LHMBC to communicate and coordinate fires over a digital network with forward observers or fire support elements using SINGARS radios. For those that do not require digital communication or GPS capability, a degraded configuration, referred to as the LHMBC Basic, is also available.

The LHMBC can calculate solutions for all existing U.S. mortar ammunition across all weapon calibers, and can be readily upgraded as new rounds become available. The LHMBC incorporates all functions essential to directing safe and accurate mortar fire including MET compensation, registration, smoke card, Fire Support Coordination Measures, Safety Fan, and plotting. Mission capabilities include, but are not limited to: Grid, Shift, Polar, Search, Traverse, Final Protective Fires, Quick Smoke, Immediate Smoke, Coordinated Illumination, Immediate Suppression, Direct-Lay, and Hip-Shoot.

The next generation LHMBC, the M32A2, is currently in development and will be hosted on the Nett Warrior End User Device.

General Information

LIN M32043
NSN M32 LHMBC Complete System
CLASS 7: These NSNs CAN NOT be ordered

RPDA-57 System: 1220-01-554-0753
RPDA-5500 System: 7021-01-521-1611
Tech Manuals LHMBC Version 3
TM 9-1220-252-13&P, USMC TM 11042A-OR/A
LHMBC Version 4.0
TM 9-1220-254-13&P, USMC TM 11042A-OR/A
LHMBC Version 4.1
TM 9-1220-255-13&P, USMC TM 11042A-OI/1
LHMBC Version 5 & 6
M32: TM 9-1220-257-13&P, USMC TM 11042B-13&P/1B
M32A1: TM 9-1220-258-13&P
Training Circulars TC 3-22.90 Mortars
TC 3-22.91 Mortar Fire Direction Procedures

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