PM CAS Organizations

Mission and Vision


Life Cycle Manager for the full range of mortar systems to include weapons, fire control, and advanced ammunition for mortar & artillery integrated across Current and Future Force.


To be the Precision Munition and Mortar Systems Expert who provides the Close Combat Warfighter with the World's Best Indirect Fire Effects.


  • Establish, Instill, and Maintain Values; High Standards Matter Greatly.
  • Meet Customer Requirements and Pursue Promising Technologies.
  • Promote Competition to Achieve Best Value and Drive Down Costs.
  • Leverage Investments and Reinforce Successful Partnerships.
  • Recruit, Train and Retain Only the Most Talented People.
  • Endorse Teamwork and Employee Empowerment.
  • Promote and Employ Disciplined Processes.
  • Promote Commonality and Interoperability.
  • Plan Aggressive and Non-Traditional T&E.
  • Conduct Peer Reviews and Benchmark Excellence.
  • Take Calculated Risks, but Manage and Mitigate Them.
  • Be Passionate and Committed, but Also Objective and Adaptable.
  • Leverage Info. Technology and Knowledge Management Systems.
  • Employ Evolutionary Development and Continuous Process Improvement.

PdM PFM is divided into four branches: Precision Guided Kit (PGK) production, PGK Modernization, the XM1210 Extended Range Artillery Projectile, and Mortar Weapons & Fire Control.