PM CAS Organizations


C-DAEM DPICM Replacement (XM1208)

C-DAEM DPICM Replacement will provide U.S. ground forces with a capability to effectively engage area Personnel targets while denying threat forces full operational freedom within the operational area. The XM1208 is a 155mm 39-caliber area effects cargo carrying projectile containing nine (M99) Advanced Submunitions (ASM), fired from a M109A6/7 or M777A2 howitzer at a maximum range of about 22.4 km.  The ASMs are expelled at a predetermined time in flight using M762/A1 fuze.

C-DAEM Armor (XM1180)

The C-DAEM Armor (XM1180) projectile delivers extended range lethality against moving and moved vehicles.  The XM1180 is a 155mm guided artillery round that provides an armor defeat capability in both deep Fires counter-fire engagements and close Fires maneuver support.