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PdM Medium Caliber Ammunition

Product Manager Medium Caliber(PdM MC) is responsible for life cycle management to include research, development, production, fielding, testing, industrial base and environmental impacts for direct fire medium and cannon caliber ammunition (20mm, 25mm, 30x113mm, 30x173mm) for Army aviation and ground combat systems, Navy ship and aviation platforms, Marine Corps vehicle and aviation platforms, Air Force aviation platforms and SOCOM aviation platforms.

Army platforms supported include the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, Apache and Blackhawk Helicopters, the Ground Combat Vehicle as well as the largest Army small business set-aside program, the 40mm Grenade portfolio and specialty systems, e.g. Counter-Rocket and Mortar (C-RAM) 20mm system.

The 30mm family of ammunition provides essential capabilities for Ground Combat Vehicles (GCVs), Infantry Combat Vehicles (IFVs) and Reconnaissance and Surveillance vehicles. Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and SOCOM aviation and dismounted platforms include the F-15/16/22, F/A-18, AH-1, A-10, AC-130, Joint Strike Fighter, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and Marine Corps Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV), or successor.

PdM MC is working on several R&D improvements to 30mm and 40mm cartridges. PdM MC affects technology base priorities through coordination with Research Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) subordinate centers and coordinates with Security Assistance for Foreign Military Sales (FMS).