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SAWS Support To Customers

Why Buy From Us?


PdD SAWS Provides:

  • The benefit of cost, schedule, and performance management on Non DOD munitions procured by DOD ensuring better customer service and satisfaction.
  • Higher level of qualified contractor vetting and oversight.
  • Teaming with prime contractors on technical reviews, quality inspections, inventories and testing to eliminate substandard munitions.
  • Product Management to ensure munitions and weapon systems requirements are met, and are safe, reliable and lethal.
  • Emphasis on safety and lethality.

PdD SAWS Delivers Quality Ammunitions and Mortar Weapons to Customers by:

  • Developing Contract Requirements.
  • Enforcing specifications through contractors and subcontractors.
  • Conducting inspections to ensure Safety, Quality, & Reliability Pre-, During, and, Post- manufacturing to delivery of the ammunition.
  • Attending and Review Lot Acceptance Test Plans (LAT).
  • Reviewing Technical Data.
  • Reviewing Site Safety Plans (Contractors Manufacturing and Testing Sites).
  • Conducting production/manufacturing inspections.
  • Combining requirements to lower costs for our customers.