Project Manager Close Combat Systems provides dominant and innovative lethal and protective capabilities for the Joint Warfighter.  Team CCS’ contributions span multiple Services, and supports the spectrum of conflict from lethal to intermediate force. The capabilities are used in multi-domain operations to enable efficient and effective Joint Warfighter success.  Mission areas include:

  • Terrain Shaping Capabilities and Area Denial
  • Aerial Counter-measures and Pyrotechnics
  • Shoulder-Launched Munitions
  • Hand and Vehicle Deployed Grenades
  • Demolitions and Obstacle Breaching Capabilities
  • Counter Explosive Hazard Detection and Neutralization Capabilities
  • Intermediate Force & Protection Systems

Project Manager Maneuver Ammunition Systems provides direct fire combat and training ammunition capabilities to Warfighters (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines) and government agencies to support Dismounted Soldiers, Combat Vehicles, Helicopters, Naval Vessels and High Performance Aircraft. The PM does this through life cycle program management of ammunition in the following categories:

  • Small Caliber
  • Medium Caliber
  • Large Caliber
  • Product Director Special Ammunition and Weapons Systems

Project Lead Joint Services enables the acquisition, manufacturing and demilitarization of ammunition for the Joint Warfighter. PD JS is responsible for:

  • Coordination and integration of SMCA activities, functions, processes and operations on behalf of JPEO A&A
  • Demilitarization of DoD’s conventional ammunition
  • Army Ammunition Plant Modernization and Acquisition strategies
  • Providing technology solutions to improve ammunition manufacturing safety, effectiveness, quality and cost

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Directorate of Integration (DoI) influences and guides action at the system of systems level to facilitate the rapid delivery of emergent and disruptive capability across the JPEO AA portfolio by synchronizing program efforts, facilitating the definition of architectures/ standards and identifying and cultivating technology investments. The Directorate leads effort for the JPEO A&A on the following topics:

  • Assured Position Navigation and Timing/ NAVWAR
  • Ammunition Logistics R&D
  • Assured Munitions/ Supply Chain management
  • Digital Engineering and Modular Open Systems Architecture
  • Technology transition to Programs of Record (SBIR/ TMI/ ManTech/ 6.3 investments, etc.
  • Manage externally funded R&D
  • Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health
  • JPEO A&A Chief Technology Officer
  • JPEO A&A Chief Systems Engineer

Project Manager Combat Ammunition Systems develops, produces, and equips Soldiers and Marines with conventional artillery and mortar ammunition, precision ammunition, mortar weapons, and mortar fire control systems. Under the Single Manager for Conventional Ammunition (SMCA) responsibilities, PM CAS also procures ammunition for US Marine Corps, US Air Force, US Special Operations Command, and our allies. The PM is the life cycle program manager of artillery and mortar products in the following categories:

  • Precision-Guided Munitions (including Excalibur and Precision Guidance Kit)
  • Conventional Munitions for Mortars and Artillery
  • Artillery Propellant & Primers
  • Fuzes and Fuze Setters
  • Mortar Weapon Systems
  • Mortar Fire Control Systems

Project Lead Tactical Artillery Systems enables U.S. and allied warfighter dominance through the development, equipping and sustainment of world class Cannon Artillery and Survey Systems.

  • Cannon Artillery Systems
  • Towed Howitzer Systems
  • Digital Fire Control Integration
  • Surveying Systems

Project Lead Joint Ammunition and Weapons Systems executes Single Manager for Conventional Ammunition (SMCA) acquisition responsibility for Bombs, Navy Gun Ammunition and Energetics product lines for the Air Force and Navy as well as CAD/PADs for Army Aviation.


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