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MFCS Dismounted (MFCS-D)

The M150 Mortar Fire Control System Dismounted(MFCS-D) adds fire control to the M120 Towed Mortar System. The M150 (Gun) and M151 (FDC) are very similar to their Heavy counterparts, the M95/M96 MFCS Heavy. Both systems provide a digitally integrated fire control system with GPS position, weapon pointing, and ballistic calculation. The primary differences between MFCS Dismounted and MFCS Heavy are the base vehicle platforms, power requirements, and component portability.

The M150 integrates with the M1101 trailer and the M326 Mortar Stowage Kit (Quick Stow). Together, these systems greatly enhance the responsiveness, accuracy, effectiveness, and mobility of the 120mm Towed Mortar System.

  • Easily integrates into M1101 trailer with M326 Quick Stow system
  • Maximize reuse of existing MFCS components and software
  • Increased responsiveness
  • Shoot and Scoot Capability
  • Improved accuracy

General Information

LIN M150 Gun: F55682 , M151 FDC: M53619
NSN M150 Gun: 1230-01-560-1027 , M151 FDC: 1230-01-560-1028
Tech Manuals MFCS Version 7.0.1
TM 9-1230-205-10&P (HW), TM 9-1230-205-23&P (HW)
TM 9-1230-214-13 (SW)

MFCS Version 7.1
TM 9-1230-205-10&P (HW), TM 9-1230-205-23&P (HW)
TM 9-1230-214-13 (SW)
Training Circulars TC 3-22.90 Mortars
TC 3-22.91 Mortar Fire Direction Procedures

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Technical Support

For MFCS-D technical support, please use the Mortar Weapons & Fire Control Web Contact.

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