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Excalibur Projectiles
PM CAS, Raytheon, and Bofors Defence, are dedicated to arming the warfighter with the best precision weapons and capabilities available and are committed to delivering Excalibur ahead of schedule.
Excalibur is the next generation family of projectiles for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps artillery. Excalibur is a 155mm precision-guided artillery round with extended range. Using precision guidance technology it can provide accurate, first round fire-for-effect capability in an urban setting. Additionally, Excalibur has very accurate terminal guidance resulting is low collateral damage and the capability to be employed in very close proximity to friendly troops. Another feature allowing Excalibur to be employed in close terrain is the steep terminal trajectory. The trajectory will ensure the desired impact in cluttered, highly obstructed battlefield.
  • Precision Guided
  • All Weather, Day and Night, Fire & Forget, Urban & Complex Terrain
  • One meter length/106 lbs
  • Precision Delivery Decreases Collateral Damage

Technical Bulletins 

TB 9-1230-780-13 Excalibur w/ PEFCS & M109A6 Paladin
TB 9-1320-200-13 Excalibur w/ M777 Howitzer

Physical Characteristics

Lethality Decreased required volume of fire per engagement
Range Maximum: 40 km Precision Guided-Inertial Navigation System Guidance w/Anti-Jam Technology (Objective)
Reliability [Data Unavailable]
Compatibility/Interoperability Extended Range Carrier for a Family of 155mm Cannon Ammunition