122-mm 2A18 (D-30) Howitzer

General Information

June 2010: ASA(ALT) MILDEP assignment of D-30122mm howitzer program to PEO-Ammunition/PM-TAS based on the office’s Army and USMC towed howitzer technical and acquisition experience.  The D30 is a non DoD standard howitzer that some allies, and US training assistance units use.  PM TAS started a program to refurbished D-30 howitzers for the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) artillery corps.  PM TAS next established a howitzer Central Work Shop (CWS) refurbishment facility in Afghanistan.  Then trained the ANA on maintenance and refurbishment of D-30 howitzers in the CWS.  The office also provided D30 howitzer technical assistance and information to units such as the Security Force Assistance Brigades (SFABs) and other DoD organizations who requested assistance. 


  • Weight: 7,055 pounds
  • Max range: 15.4 km or 21.9km (assisted)
  • Rate of Fire: 10-12/min max, 5-6/min sustained
  • 6000 mil capable, being converted to 6400 mil (NATO standard)
  • Hydraulic or mechanical jack for carriage lift
  • Sight quadrants and telescopes for direct and indirect fire
  • Recoil mechanism above the gun
  • Vertical falling breech with auto cartridge extraction
  • Provides sustained fire
  • 360 degree traverse with 3 leg stabilizing system
  • Fires HEAT, smoke, illumination and chemical projectile

FMS/International Partners

  • Afghanistan


  • The D3o is a Warsaw Pact designed howitzer that entered service in the 1960s
  • Used by Soviet Union and allies as well as nonaligned and post-Soviet states in Cold war and many regional conflicts i.e. (Iran-Iraq War, War in Yugoslavia, Yom Kippur War)
  • D-30 is still manufactured internationally and is in service in more than 60 countries’ armed forces

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