Navy Gun Ammunition

Designed to be used against surface warships, anti-aircraft use and shore bombardment to support amphibious operations. 

5"/54 Cal Ammunition

The 5"/54 Navy Gun System is used as a tactical weapon against surface and airborne targets, and Naval Surface Fire Support for United States Marine Corps. The 5"/54 caliber conventional ammunition is used in the MK45 Lightweight Gun Mount on Cruisers and Destroyers. The MK45 lightweight gun provides surface combatants accurate naval gunfire against fast, highly maneuverable surface targets, air threats and shore targets during amphibious operations. The MK67- 5"/54 Propelling Charge (D326) is a component to the end item that provides the force to propel the projectile from the gun to the target. The Projectile MK186-0 HE-MOF (DA48) provides a solution for Naval Surface Fire Support & Surface Warfare Missions.