PdM Terrain Shaping Obstacles

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Legacy Mines
Legacy Mines provide a range of capabilities to Soldiers and can be used to protect perimeters and flanks during attack, reinforce light forces, and demy enemy movement. These systems provide Soldiers faster response time, increased lethality, greater efficiency and enhanced safety.

M93 Hornet-WAM

M93 Hornet Wide Area Munition (WAM) is the U.S. Army’s first man-portable, top-attack smart munition.  It provided capabilities to detect, classify, track, attack, and defeat enemy tracked vehicles that moved within its engagement range of 100 meters.

Modular Pack Mine System (MOPMS)

MOPMS is a man-portable antitank/antipersonnel (AT/AP) mine system with command detonation capability. It weighs 165 pounds and contains a mix of 17 magnetically fuzed AT mines and four AP mines. Its 4-hour self-destruct command can be recycled three times or command detonated by remote control. The Remote Control Unit can control up to 15 MOPMS dispensers from a distance of 300 to 1,000 meters. The munition is well suited as a protective obstacle for light forces but can be used for tactical purposes as well.

Pursuit Deterrent Munition (PDM)

The M86 Pursuit Deterrent Munition (PDM) is a manually activated Area Denial Artillery Munition (ADAM) with a hand grenade-type release firing mechanism. It deploys up to seven trip wires and possesses self-destruct capabilities.

PDM is employed primarily by Special Operations Forces to support hit-and-run, ambush, harassing and urban warfare missions. Infantry, Light Combat Engineers and Rangers also employ PDM in operations where units may be pursued by an enemy force.

Volcano Multiple Delivery Mine System

The Volcano is a mass scatterable mine delivery system that delivers mines by helicopter or ground vehicle. It enables tactical commanders to emplace antitank/antipersonnel (AT/AP) or pure AT minefields with a minimum of personnel. A Soldier-selectable, self-destruct mechanism destroys the mine at the end of its active lifecycle – 4 hours to 15 days – depending on the time selected. Using a ground vehicle, a 1,000-meter minefield can be laid in 4 to 12 minutes based on terrain and vehicle speed. A helicopter can complete the mission in 20 seconds. Advantages of this system include faster response, increased lethality, greater efficiency and enhanced safety.