PdD Combat Armaments and Protection Systems

PM CCS Organizations

Intermediate Force Capabilities

40mm NLM

The U.S. Army currently fields the M1006 Non-Lethal Cartridge, designed for point target engagement, and the M1029 Crowd Dispersal Cartridge, capable of engaging multiple targets at once. Each is intended for close quarter engagement and is fired from standard M203 and M320 Grenade Launchers.


12 Gauge NLM

The M1012 Point Round and the M1013 Area Round are the Army's current 12 gauge NLM. Both rounds engage targets at close range only. The XM1116 is an extended range NL round which will greatly increase the reach of the Soldier in engaging approaching targets.


Non-Lethal Hand Grenades

The M84 Stun Grenade uses a bright flash and loud report to disorient individuals allowing for dispersal or easier apprehension. It is intended for use in confined spaces such as room clearing.

The XM104 Non-Lethal Bursting Hand Grenade produces a shower of high velocity rubber pellets that sting and disorient potential targets.
M84 XM104 Non-Lethal Bursting Hand Grenade
M84 Stun Hand Grenade XM104 Non-Lethal Bursting Hand Grenade


66mm NL Grenades

The L96A1 Riot Control Grenade projects a cloud of riot control agent at extended ranges to subdue and disperse large groups. The M98 and M99 are the latest in a growing arsenal of NLM. The M98 Distraction Grenade releases three stun sub-munitions that produce a bright flash and loud report to disorient individuals or large groups. The M99 Blunt Trauma Grenade fires three sub-munitions that each release a shower of high velocity rubber pellets into a crowd. 

L96A1 Riot Control Grenade
M98 Distraction Grenade
M99 Blunt Trauma Grenade

M5 Modular Crowd Control Munition (MCCM)


The MCCM, a non-lethal variant of the Claymore munition, is the Army and Marine Corps’ first non-lethal area coverage munition. It provides crowd control and force protection and temporarily incapacitates a large, hostile group without causing life-threatening consequences to the targeted individuals. This gives the field commander the option to apply non-lethal force as a first line of defense against aggressive noncombatants.

The MCCM is similar in appearance to the Claymore mine but is filled with 600 32-caliber rubber balls. It has an effective range of 5 to 15 meters with 60-degree coverage. MCCM is command control initiated and disorients and incapacitates targeted individuals for approximately 10 seconds.