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Training Grenades

L97A1, Anti-Riot, Practice

L96A1 Riot Control Grenade

The L97A1 is the practice trainer for the L96A1, Anti-Riot, Irritant, CS. The L97A1 dispenses simulated CS riot control agent. It is launched from 66mm vehicle-mounted dischargers in a four-grenade salvo. Each L97A1 contains 23 individual canisters filled with simulated CS riot control agent, providing a number of dispersants, rather than a single plume. It has an effective range of 65 to 95 meters.

M69 Fragmentation Training Hand Grenade

M69 Fragmentation Training Hand Grenade

The M69 Practice Hand Grenade is the practice version of the M67 Fragmentation Grenade and is threaded to accept the M228 Practice Hand Grenade fuze.

M102 Reloadable Stun Practice Hand Grenade (RSPHG)

The M102 RSPHG is the reloadable trainer for the M84 Stun Hand Grenade (SHG). It offers realistic characteristics of the M84 to assist in the training of missions such as hostage rescue or capture of criminals, terrorists or other adversaries.


M228 Grenade Training Fuze

M228 Grenade Training Fuze

The M228 is a pyrotechnic delay igniting fuze used in conjunction with the M69 Grenade body, as a trainer for the M67 Fragmentation Hand Grenade. The fuze is equipped with a steel safety pin and pull ring, and a safety clip. The safety pin and the safety clip are removed to arm the grenade while holding the lever tight to the grenade body. The M228 emits a small puff of smoke when activated.

When the lever is released, the spring-loaded striker rotates and initiates the primer. The primer ignites a delay element, which initiates the igniter. The igniter produces an audible signal and a white smoke charge.

M82 Simulant Screening Smoke Grenade

The M82 Simulant Smoke Grenade is used as a trainer for the Grenade, Launcher, Smoke: IR Screening, M76 (G826) and the M8 (G815). It is electrically initiated, propellant-launched and disseminates a screening cloud from the launch vehicle. The screening cloud filler material is an inert fine particulate of Titanium Dioxide..

M82 Simulant Screening Smoke Grenade

M8 Practice Screening Smoke Pot

M8 Practice Screening Smoke PotA simulation of the M4A2 smoke pot, the M8 is designed to provide adequate screening properties for practice purposes. This system is a smoke source, generating over four minutes' worth of screening. The M8 is used to train crossing hazardous areas, beach landings, and serves as an excellent source of battlefield effect smoke.