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Smoke Grenades

M18 Smoke Hand Grenade

M18 Smoke Hand GrenadeThis grenade is effective as a ground-to-ground or ground-to-air signaling device, target or landing zone marking device, or for screening unit movements by putting out clouds of dense smoke. The grenade can be filled with any one of four smoke colors: green, yellow, red and violet. Each grenade will emit smoke for 50 to 90 seconds. They can be thrown 30 meters by an average Soldier.

 M18 Smoke Hand Grenade M18 Smoke Hand Grenade

M83 Smoke Hand Grenade

The M83 TA Practice Smoke Hand Grenade, M83 is a burning type grenade used to generate white smoke for screening activities of small units. It is also used for ground-to-air or ground-to-ground signaling. The grenade body is a cylinder of thin sheet metal and filled with TA smoke mixture. Once ignited, each grenade will emit smoke for 55 to 90 seconds. The M201A1 Fuze is a pyrotechnic delayigniting fuze. The fuze body contains a primer, first-fire mix, pyrotechnic delay column, and ignition mixture. Assembled to the body are a striker, striker spring, safety lever and safety pin with pull ring. The split end of the safety pin has an angular speed.  

M83 Smoke Hand Grenade M83 Smoke Hand Grenade