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Close Terrain Shaping Obstacles (CTSO)

Close Terrain Shaping Obstacles (CTSO) is a hand emplaced Terrain Shaping capability that will consist of both Top Attack (TA) and Bottom Attack (BA) anti-vehicle munitions.   CTSO is an anti-vehicle munition system designed to engage threat Main Battle Tanks,  Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Engineer Breaching Vehicles, and Transport Erector Launchers.   CTSO systems are designed to support combat operations during high intensity     conflict.  CTSO as a Directed Obstacle capability achieves a 50% increase in Brigade Combat Team capability against near-peer threats.

The obstacle created by the munitions will be networked and controlled by an operator using a remote control station.   If the munitions in the munition field have not fired or dispensed, they can be turned off and reused. In looking to field capabilities to the Soldier sooner, the CTSO development and fielding strategy consists of three distinct increments all of which build upon each other to ultimately achieve the full CTSO system. 

The first increment is the TA munition capability. This will deliver a next generation TA munition system that will have limited command and control by a remote operator.  The second increment will be the development of the next generation BA capability. The BA munition will be compatible with the command and control of the first increment thus allowing the munitions to be used together to form complex obstacles.  The final increment of the CTSO development provides a full network capability that would allow the system to connect to the Army's mission command system.

The completion of the final increment of CTSO supports a Common Anti-Vehicular Munition (CAVM) that becomes the basis for replacement of the Family of Scatterable Mines (FASCAM) system.  This will be essential for TSO to be integrated into multiple delivery platforms to provide command and control at greater distances.  CAVM will also provide the US Army a common operating picture (COP) of TSO at close (0- 12km), mid (12-40km), and deep (40-300km) ranges.