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Program Manager, Towed Artillery Systems

Keith Gooding

Mr. Keith Gooding is the Joint Program Manager for the Towed Artillery Systems Program Office (formally the LW155 Joint Program Management Office). As Program Manager, his portfolio includes: M777A2 (USMC/Army) howitzer, M119A3 howitzer, M198 (Army) howitzer, the refurbishment of the Russian D-30 howitzer for the Afghanistan Army, the M111A1 Improved Positioning and Azimuth Determining System (IPADS) and the Gun Laying and Positioning System (GLPS).

Mr. Gooding joined the LW155 team in 1995, as the Test Manager, and successfully conducted a multi-weapon shoot-off at Yuma Proving Ground. In 1998, Keith accepted a position with the Marine Corps as the Chief Engineer for the LW155 Program Office. As Chief Engineer, he led the technical team which successfully developed the LW155 howitzer and transitioned the program into production and fielding.

In 2005, Mr. Gooding was named the Deputy Program Manager for the LW155 Program Office, and in 2009, Mr. Gooding was appointed by the ASN(RDA) as the Joint Program Manager for the LW155 Program Office.

Prior to his work on the LW155 program, Mr. Gooding was a team leader for the development of the solid propellant armament system for the Army’s Crusader self-propelled artillery system. This project included the development of a 52 caliber armament system, the uni-charge modular propelling charge and laser ignition.

Before his support work with Crusader, Keith Gooding was a team leader supporting the M109A6 Paladin; the current Army self-propelled artillery system. He was responsible for development work on the gun mount ballistic shield, thermal modeling of the main armament gun mount and upgrades to the howitzers hydraulic system. Mr. Gooding also supported the development of the prototype Paladins during the Howitzer Improvement Program for both the United States and the Israeli weapon systems. Keith began his career supporting the Army’s M109A2/A3 system.

Mr. Gooding is level III certified from the Defense Acquisition University in Program Management and Systems Engineering and has successfully completed the Executive Program Manager’s Course. He also holds a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers College of Engineering. Mr. Gooding is a member of Phi Tau Sigma, the Mechanical Engineering Honor Society. Awards include the Saint Barbara’s Medal, Superior Civilian Service Medal and Meritorious Civilian Service Medal.


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