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Deputy Program Manager, Towed Artillery Systems

Christopher Hatch

Mr. Hatch is the Deputy Program Manager, Towed Artillery Systems. He joined the team in 2000 as a Production Engineer supporting the Engineering Manufacturing and Development (EMD) phase of the M777A2 program. During this phase, he led the programs producibility efforts and was responsible for implementing investment castings which significantly improved the dimensional stability of the major structures while reducing the number of structural welds on the howitzer by 75%.

In Low Rate Initial Production, Mr. Hatch assumed the role of Quality Assurance Manager responsible for process improvements and ensuring that each M777A2 system was manufactured in accordance with the latest specification requirements prior to government acceptance. In Full Rate Production, Mr. Hatch added the role of Production Manager leading the production IPT responsible for a supply chain of 14 first tier suppliers and their numerous sub-vendors, delivering contractor and government furnished equipment. These vendors are located in the US, UK, and Canada.

Prior to working for the JPMO, Mr. Hatch worked at ARDEC from 1988-2000. During the 1998-1999 timeframe, he served a 16 month assignment on the M198 Automated Howitzer. This project utilized both existing military hardware, and commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware, repackaged to survive the shock environment and to demonstrate the feasibility of a Digital Fire Control System (DFCS) on a Towed Howitzer. This project was part of the Army’s Rapid Force Projection Initiative (RFPI). The success of this program was instrumental to the development of a DFCS for the M777 howitzer.

From 1988–1998, Mr. Hatch worked primarily in support of the M119A1 howitzer. From 1988 to 1992, he supported production at Royal Ordnance in the UK. From 1992 to 1995 he was one of the lead engineers who supported transition from the UK to Rock Island Arsenal. From 1995-1998 Mr. Hatch was part of the M119 Field Artillery Support Team (FAST) who visited fielded units to gather feedback to develop product improvements.


  • Program Management, level III Defense Systems Management College (2012)
  • Systems Engineering, level II, Defense Systems Management College, Ft. Belvoir, VA
  • ACQ level II, Defense Systems Management College
  • Masters of Science - Technology Management Stevens Institute of Technology (1995)
  • Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering, Manhattan College (1988)
  • Awards: St. Barbara, Patron Saint of Artillerymen


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