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Engineers at Picatinny Arsenal are seeking to potentially extend the range of cannon artillery with new manufacturing methods that improve artillery shells, allowing them to withstand higher launch velocities and temperatures.
Team effort by Army, Marine Corps and Australia improves range and accuracy of the M777A2 howitzer.
Artillery rounds blasted from howitzers aboard Army landing craft during a recent training mission, the first time in decades that boats from the service’s little-known fleet of watercraft have conducted a fire mission.
The Army has completed digitizing M119 howitzers to make it possible for Soldiers to start firing rounds and evade return fire more quickly in combat than before. More than 480 upgraded, digitized howitzers have been fielded to 48 different units thr...
The new units the Army plans to add to its troops stationed in Europe are a small but crucial part of its support of allies and force projection on the continent. That ongoing work has seen increases in rotations, a focus on improving ground vehicle ...
The Lightweight 155 mm Howitzer (LW155) provides direct, reinforcing and general artillery fire support to maneuver forces. The M777 is a 155 mm towed Howitzer that was jointly developed by the Army and Marine Corps to replace the M198 Howitzer. The ...
The Indian Army after waiting for three decades has got new guns - K9 Vajra and M777! K9 Vajra is a 155 mm, 52 calibre gun, mounted on a tracked, armoured vehicle. The M777 155mm/39-calibre ultra lightweight howitzer (ULH) guns come into action in le...
Of the Army’s “big six” priorities driving its new modernization strategy, long-range precision fires is at the top of the list.The ability to execute accurate strikes at significant distances is critical to ground operations in any theater, against ...
A 93-year old who fired 258th Field Artillery guns at Nazi troops in World War II was on hand as the New York Army National Guard battalion's artillerymen fired the Army's latest towed cannon for their first time...
A Marine Corps Systems Command employee received the 2017 Secretary of Defense Product Support Manager Award March 29, at Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey. Mark E. Smith, product support manager for Towed Artillery Systems, was recognized in the Major...


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