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Project Director Joint Bombs is responsible for recurring production procurement of U.S. Air Force and Navy conventional bomb bodies, fuzes, plugs, lugs and fins.

General Purpose and Penetrator bombs Load, Assemble and Pack is carried out at McAlester Army Ammunition Plant.

General Purpose Bombs

MK80 Series (500-2000lb) general purpose bombs used in most bombing operations. Their cases (bomb body) are aerodynamically designed and are relatively light. General purpose bombs may be used with both nose and tail mechanical or electronic fuzes and conical or retarding fins.

PD Joint Bombs is also the Acquisition Manager for the BLU-110 (1000lb) and BLU-111 (500lb) General Purpose Bombs.

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Penetrator Bombs

Bombs designed to penetrate intact into the interior of hardened targets, where the warhead then explodes, ensuring target destruction. PD Joint Bombs is the acquisition manager for the BLU-109 (2000lb).

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Cast Ductile Iron Practice Bombs

Full scale inert practice bombs which simulate the ballistic properties of tactical General Purpose Bombs used by the Air Force.

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Small Practice Bombs

Non-lethal munitions that have the ballistic characteristics of the full sized weapon and are a vital part of training. The MK76 and BDU-33 simulate 500lb MK82 and 2000lb MK84 general purpose, non guided bombs in low drag configuration.

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Spotting Charge Adapters

The MK-89 MOD 0 Spotting Charge Adapter enables the use of practice bomb signal cartridges (CXU-3 and MK-4) in full size practice bombs, providing a low cost, full scale alternative for training purposes.

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Fuzes are designed to initiate detonation of bombs explosive fills either in airburst; at impact with the intended target; or following penetration of the target by the bomb. Joint Bombs items in the category include fuzes designed for use with penetrator bombs and proximity sensors designed for use with general purpose bombs/JDAM.

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Conventional fins stabilize the bomb as it free falls following separation from the aircraft. Fins cause the bomb to fall in a smooth, definite curve to the target, instead of tumbling through the air. The Air Force and Navy also attach Precision guidance packages to their bombs allowing precise targeting. Fins utilized with these precision guidance packages are designed to stabilize as well as to help glide the bomb to the target. Joint Bombs items in this category include conventional fins used with the MK80 series general purpose bombs.

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Suspension Lugs

Suspension lugs are used to attach the weapon to the aircraft bomb racks. An internally threaded well for the installation of a hoisting lug is located between the suspension lugs, at the center-of-gravity (CG) position on the bomb. The hoisting lug is used for handling purposes only. Joint Bombs items in this category include lugs for general purpose/penetrator and practice bombs.

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Nose Plugs

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If you have information that may be of interest to U.S. Army Counterintelligence, please submit an iSALUTE Suspicious Activity Report.

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