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Penetrator Bombs

Penetrator Bombs

Bombs designed to penetrate intact into the interior of hardened targets, where the warhead then explodes, ensuring target destruction. PD Joint Bombs is the acquisition manager for the BLU-109 (2000lb).

BLU-109 (2000lb) Bomb

The BLU-109 is a 2000lb class hard target penetrator warhead. The BLU- 109/B and B/B are used by the Air force; the BLU-109A/B is the Navy version. The BLU-109 body is a thick casing of forged gun-barrel hardened steel and is approximately twice the thickness of the MK84. It is typically detonated by an FMU-143 series tail fuze. The absence of a nose fuze well makes the nose stronger and, additionally, the weapon’s base plate is reinforced to better protect the fuze from the shock of impact.

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